Shad Callister

sci-fi and techno-thriller author

What’s Shad working on at the moment?

I’m excitedly working on several different projects, moving each of them toward the goal line in turn. Here’s a quick sneak peak.

Sci-fi feature length film script: I’m writing the screenplay for a feature-length production that takes place on an alien world. It’s shaping up to be a survival thriller in the vein of Alien, but more of a chase across uncharted terrain. I’ll be working with my long-time creative collaborator Rob York to bring the production to the screen. We already completed a short film version, crowd-funded it at 460%, and got it into some festivals. So stay tuned on this one– it’s gonna be good. 30% complete.

Doomsday/Apocalyptic novel: Hey, it’s a hot genre. This one’s less Hunger Games and more Alas, Babylon/One Second After. 50% complete.

Military fantasy series: Pretty excited about the potential of this series, and hope to get it written very quickly since I’ll be collaborating with a writing partner but keeping the worldbuilding very loose and flexible so we can each write freely. 1% complete.

Of course there are always fifty other projects and ideas on the back burner. But these are the things you can expect to see coming out in the next year. Sign up for email updates over there to the right.


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